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About us

LABTECHNE Sp. z o.o. is a Construction Laboratory that provides comprehensive service of concrete and mortar testing, as well as stabilization and aggregates inspections. We test all kind of prefabricated elements. In addition, the Laboratory performs geotechnical and geological works related to geotechnical drillings, soil testing, soil compaction and stabilization. We have recently expanded our activity in testing asphalt mixtures.


Testing of concrete, concrete mixes and aggregates

The laboratory performs comprehensive tests of concrete, concrete mixes, mortars, stabilization and all construction elements and products. We have experience and references in developing recipes for concrete mixtures.

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Geology and geotechnics

Performing a geotechnical survey is important under the law, especially in the case of new buildings of all categories. Our works include geotechnical drillings, soil compaction and stabilization. We have experience and references in developing geotechnical documentation.

Bituminous mass tests

Construction Laboratory, Labtechne Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of professional services related to asphalt mixtures and materials testing, both at the production and incorporation stages. We have experienced engineering staff and technical facilities for comprehensive service of bituminous mass factories in the scope of implementation and ongoing service of the Factory Production Control System according to PN-EN 13108-21.

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Building diagnostics and structural strengthening

We carry out diagnostics of building construction elements to determine the load-bearing capacity by means of destructive or non-destructive testing. We also deal with pressure injections as a structure repair system. Depending on construction element, type and cause of damage and the final effect expectation, we use the resins technology: epoxy, polyurethane and hydrostructural.

Concrete and prefabrication plants service

We offer comprehensive services for concrete factories and prefabrication plants. Depending on the Client needs, Labtechne Sp. z o.o. will provide ad hoc assistance with specific investment tasks or with year-round laboratory service of a concrete mixing plant or production factory. In addition to the actual work, the quality and durability of the structure are influenced e.g. by: properly prepared technical specifications, appropriately selected components in the production of materials, as well as a precisely selected scope of inspections and tests. As an experienced laboratory, we are able to prevent many problems already at the stage of preparation and verification of documents.

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Factory production control

From July 1, 2013. Factory Production Control (ZKP) certification in accordance with the Act on the conformity assessment system is obligatory for every producer of construction products. Our laboratory has extensive experience in implementing and supervising the factory production control system.