Bituminous mass tests

We design asphalt mixtures, SMA, cast asphalt together with the development of Type Testing in accordance with PN-EN 13108-20 and national Technical Requirements WT-2 2014. We conduct surface condition diagnostics at the stage of incorporation and operation.

The detailed scope of Labtechne Sp. z o.o. Laboratory activities in the testing bituminous masses:

Functional tests of hot asphalt mixtures scope:
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  • MMA sampling according to PN-EN 12697-27,
  • soluble binder content testing according to PN-EN 12697-1,
  • mix grain size analysis according to PN-EN 12697-2,
  • free space content according to PN-EN 12697-8,
  • MMA densities according to PN-EN 12697-5,
  • MMA bulk density according to PN-EN 12697-6,
  • binder flow according to PN-EN 12697-18,
  • mastic asphalt penetration according to PN-EN 12697-20,
  • permanent deformations resistance according to PN-EN 12697-22,
  • water sensitivity according to PN-EN 12697-12.


Input materials suitability for the production of asphalt mixtures testing by specifying:

  • asphalt penetration according to PN-EN 1426,
  • asphalt softening point according to PN-EN 1427,
  • filler grain size according to PN-EN 933-10,
  • fine aggregate flow indicator according to PN-EN 933-6,
  • coarse aggregate shape indicator according to PN-EN 933-4,
  • aggregate density and absorbability according to PN-EN 1097-6,
  • filler density according to PN-EN 1097-7.


Surface and its elements diagnostics aiming:

  • determination of bituminous layers thickness in wells,
  • density index and layer free space content check,
  • pavement deflection measurement (Benkelman beam),
  • pavement condition assessment based on the FWD deflector,
  • pavement evenness measurement by a planograph,
  • longitudinal surface evenness measurement by IRI,
  • pavement roughness measurement by SRT-3.