Geology and geotechnics

Geotechniczne urządzenie 1

Performing a geotechnical survey is important under the law, especially in the case of new buildings of all categories. Our works include geotechnical drillings, soil compaction and stabilization. We have experience and references in developing geotechnical documentation.

Certified Construction Laboratory - Labtechne Sp. z o.o. runs geological soil surveys, which allow to obtain detailed information about its perimeters. We poses adequate technical facilities to gain accurate results of the assessments obtained. Our analyses contains a detailed report delivered to the customer.

Below is an example of information scope that we are able to obtain about soil during a detailed survey:

  • grain size testing,
  • filtration and  diversity ratio determination,
  • assessment of the ground suitability for construction.


We execute also:

  • maximum density and optimal moisture of soil,
  • sand index,
  • minimum and maximum density of cohesive soils,
  • soil volume density,
  • class and strength of the soil stabilized with cement.


As part of the activities to prepare an in-depth assessment of the soil, we do:

  • measurements of compaction degree and relative density (SD-10 probe, push cylinder, water volume meter),
  • assessment of the dynamic deformation modulus,
  • assessment of deformation modulus by static plate load test,
  • geological drillings to assess the ground conditions for the purpose of construction.


In addition, we prepare geotechnical documentation approved by professional and authorized staff.
In the scope of construction geological service, we offer the following scope of works:

  • review and acceptation of excavations,
  • ground testing under floors, pavements and road surfaces, etc.
  • determination of bearing capacity of native and made ground, e.g. for cranes
  • control testing of assumed ground and water conditions at the design stage with existing ground and water conditions at the time of construction,
  • backfill compaction of excavations for sewage and water supply networks testing, etc.,

and we prepare reports on the above mentioned activities.